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Google Web Stories-The Complete Guide

In the generation full of social media content creation and marketing, we often come across various trends over the internet. Creating artistic and knowledge-seeking stories becomes a part of such trends over different social media platforms. These stories are a virtual combination of images, texts, and animation.

Google Web Stories are also a unit of the trend with additional benefits provided to the creator and his services.

What is Google Web Stories?

A Web story is a feature provided by Google to create virtual content on websites. These stories are accessible over the internet.

Web stories can be in the form of images, videos, texts, or a combination of all of them.

Key features of Google Web Stories :

1. Pausing the story to grasp better the content shared in it.

2. Swiping left or right to move the stories forward or backward.

3. Sharing the story.

These features depend upon the viewer’s choice and interest. These tap-on slides of stories are controllable and require SEO optimization for better reach over the internet.

The story’s publisher holds control over any sort of communication between the viewer and the content. After the viewer taps on the story, the publisher can access the essential information.

How can I access Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are not just limited to one platform but can be accessed over the entire web server.

They are directly accessible on the hosting website. These stories are made to be visible on the google search engine and other Google services like google images, discover, etc.

A separate section is provided for the web stories on google. Clicking on these stories give access to the content written in them.

How to create Google Web Stories?

You can create your own web story by first creating a website of your own. A story posted on your website works under your control, which basically, means that you’re the BOSS OF YOUR CONTENT.

The virtual content created can be edited according to our own freedom. You can customize the stories through your code by adding fonts and designs, using filters, or increasing the time limit of the story for more audience engagement.

The stories being made should contain news or post with enough creativity to attract a large number of audiences. Use innovative ideas to promote the brand and help in the growth of the business.

The content should be based on the current needs of the brand to optimize the outcome of its services. It requires a sequence of steps and various marketing procedures to create a conversion path through the web stories.

  • Start by choosing a good domain and providing information through innovative ways.
  • Web editing tools like WordPress are used for website creation.
  • Put advertisements for sponsorship as well as for self-promotion.
  • Use the Editor plug-in feature on WordPress for creating the stories.
  • The content should be well organized. A poor presentation represents content lacking good quality. It is common for viewers to skip a poorly organized story.
  • SEO features should be used for quick reach over the server thus increasing the chance of visibility.
  • Create content with less complexity as people often look up to content, they find relatable and less complex.
  • Use an attractive title. Your title is the first step towards your website presentation.
  • Make sure that the content shared over the story is grammatically correct and errorless. Proofreading is necessary before posting the content.
  • The content created over the web requires some necessities and marketing strategies for better engagement of the audience.

Benefits of using Web Stories :

A good web story on Google is beneficial to the creator in many ways. Google web stories can be used for social media and digital marketing.

If the content gets recognition, the publisher notices web traffic resulting in the promotion of his business.

The website used by the creator to host the web story eventually gains all the marketing profit after meeting the target audience.

  • Good content will result in the marketing of the website.
  • Creating quality content is the foremost step for presenting a brand. So, the content should always be attention-grabbing.
  • Content created with SEO techniques gets promoted to the rank top on the google search engines.
  • It provides freedom of customization to the creator for publishing effective content.
  • The web stories uploaded on the website gets stored in the cache memory by google to provide quick access to it.
  • It provides control and monetization over the revenue of ads hosted on the website.
  • Due to no time limit set for the visibility of the stories on the web, the publisher gets boundless time for the audience attraction.

Google Web Stories Ad opportunities :

Google Web stories can use the advertisement concept for sponsorship and promotion of the content. Since you provided space for the ads and your content, they can further be used to earn money through it.

Steps to gain benefits from the Ads in web stories:

1. Add relevant ads in the story along with the content.

2. Add relevant landing pages offering quality services.

3. Use Call to Action buttons that are easily accessible and stand out to depict the correct brand message.

Conclusion :

Adequate procedures and creative content are required for the growth of the website. Marketing and establishing a good business require efforts, especially in the generation full of web content and web services, leading

to high competition over the server. It requires the correct knowledge to work with the web content along with an exceptional amount of information to acquire a recognizable position among the crowd.

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