How To Start a Podcast on Spotify:Every Single Step-By-Step Tutorial

how to start a podcast on spotify

The craze of the online world is growing bigger and bigger every day. Thanks to some incredible platforms, people are getting a chance to show their talents and share their experiences. By making videos or reels on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, or posting some blogs on Google and other Top Search Engines, people are generating good revenue.

However, some artists are willing to show their voice talent throughout the world. Do you have the same potential to amaze people through your voice? Then Start a Podcast. If you want to start your journey with big dreams, we suggest you select Spotify as your platform. IF you are looking for the best Social Media Marketing In Sriganganagar, Please Check Provided Link.

Start a Podcast on Spotify

Starting a podcast through Spotify will be beneficial to you. A lot of reasons are there which will be discussed below. As promised, we’ll provide you a complete guide on How to Start Your Podcast.

Why Spotify is the Best Platform to Start a Podcast?

  • Just think for a bit, why you want to Start a Podcast? Certainly, you want to reach your potential customers, right? You can start with a transistor as it is the best veteran way. But nowadays the uses of it have been reduced. However, Spotify with its AI can reach its prior listeners.
  • Spotify is the largest podcast platform in the world. More than 75 countries and more than 100 languages are being engaged daily. No matter what is your niche or where are you from, submit your podcast and start sharing your talent.
  • Just like the Google Map Marketing feature, your podcast will be featured at the top to your nearby listeners. Regional effect, language, everything matters in the podcast. Along with your global listeners, it will reach your nearby fans too.

So, Spotify will be best for you.

What You Must Know Before Starting a Podcast?

If you are wondering How to Start a Podcast on Spotify, then you must have one Account there. Not only that, uploading at least one podcast is important to submit your appeal. There are some are others to follow. Let’s see.

Spotify for podcasters
  • Create a shirt theme-based episode and upload it. A podcast hosting provider will help you to upload the episode. There will be 3 options like Buzzsprout, Captivate, and transistor. Choose anyone. Don’t upload the full episode, a trailer will be enough. Looking For the best Digital Marketing In Sriganganagar, Come Visit Provided Link.
  • Like search engines, you have to work on keywords here. The more relevant keywords will be used, the chances of getting ranked will be high too. Keep the podcast name and description relevant to the topic.
  • You have to keep a stunning cover photo of your podcast. Add one 1400×1400 size photo. The photo must be within 500kb and in JPEG format.

How to Start a Podcast on Spotify?

Follow these steps if you don’t know How to Set up a Podcast.

start a podcast on spotify with step-1
  • You can find one option called Spotify for Podcasters. If you don’t have an account, Create a podcast Account here. Otherwise login directly.
start a podcast on spotify with step-2
  • A page of terms and conditions will appear in front of you. To Start a Podcast, you need to go through the conditions first. Then click on GET STARTED.
start a podcast on spotify with step-3
  • Next, you’ll be redirected to a page of RSS Feed Link. As you have created the first RSS link for your podcast channel, submit that at the required place. Click on NEXT. Building an RSS link is important because you don’t have to do the settings each time you upload an episode.
start a podcast on spotify with step-4
start a podcast on spotify with step-5
  • The next step will be email verification. After setting language, artwork, description, and other details, a page will appear, asking for email verification. An 8 digit code will be sent to your e-mail id, used during signing up. Click on NEXT.
  • The page will be verified and will redirect you to a page where all your details will be asked. Like country name, primary language, hosting provider, primary category, and additional category. Hit the SUBMIT button.
  • After you complete these steps, they will be taken under consideration for review by the Spotify team. It will take few hours to get the confirmation mail or message. Your show with the cover image will appear on the platform.

In the meantime, think about How to Podcast in your field with interesting thoughts.

What are Some Other Platforms to Start a Podcast?

Many beginners don’t want to start their podcast with a paid version. The reason could be the lack of self-confidence or anything else. But whatever the reason is, we support your concern. That’s why we are offering you the 4 best platforms to start your journey free of cost. Let’s see How to Start a Podcast for Free.

1. Spreaker (

This platform allows you to do multiple podcasts by using one account. Live streaming can be done for 15 minutes for free. There is no limited bandwidth for it. Be a part of this IAB-certified, all-in-one podcast provider, Spreaker.

2. Podbean ( to start a podcast on spotify

Podbean is a free platform. Here, RSS feed and iTunes both can be used. More than 7.4 million users are using this platform daily. As it is giving an unlimited bandwidth on podcasting, start your podcast today.

3. Anchor (

Anchor is a great platform as it offers a 100% free podcasting facility from the very beginning. More than 7 million people are hearing this platform for years. Unlimited storage and great hosting partners are motivating all the young talents to grow fast.

4. Buzzsprout ( to start a podcast on spotify

More than 250GB will be offered as bandwidth here. Any Media file for Audio formats, support here. Here, you can start podcasting for free but only for 90 days. But as great hosting partners are here with this application, you’ll have a great journey.


So, How Do You Start a Podcast, is explained very well. But if you are searching for the best podcasting platforms, there is no better comparison. Especially, Spotify. Doesn’t matter, which platform you are using, both android and iPhone users can have access.

Do focus on your talent and follow these easy steps to start your own podcast channel today. Share your knowledge and connect to the people globally.

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