How To Use And Activate Google Search Console For Your Website

Google Search Console is a Google platform that lets webmasters verify the progress of their sites’ indexing and enhance their exposure. The service was known as Google Webmaster Tools until May 20, 2015. Google released an update of the search console in January 2018, including improvements to the user experience.

Basically, Tools and reports in the Google Search Console let you track and analyse your site’s online traffic and efficiency, identify and repair problems, and improve your site’s visibility in Search engine results.

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a free tool that allows anybody with a website to track how Google sees their site and improve its organic ranking. This involves looking at your referring domains, mobile site efficiency, rich search engine results, and the queries and pages with the most traffic. IF you are looking for the best Social Media Marketing In Sriganganagar, Please Check Provided Link.

Not only can you track your site’s growth using Google search console, but you can also track how people are viewing and interacting with your website. Using it, one can obtain statistical information pertaining to one’s site’s growth and development over time.

It allows you to go over data SCG as how many people have visited your site, or how they came across it, and even whether they are accessing it through their PC, Android or Iphones.

Further, it lets you track on which search pages, your website link shows up , and how frequent. Apart from this, Google Search Console also comes in handy when meding errors in your website, or submitting a site map.

How to use Google Search Console?

If you have not used Google Search Console before, then you need to add your website before everything else. Once added, you need to verify it. Looking For the best Digital Marketing In Sriganganagar, Come Visit Provided Link.

Verification is an important step, because it allows Google to understand that you are the site’s creator, owner, webmaster and an authorized user. Since it deals with a lot of crucial stats and analyses, Google would not want to risk revealing the data to any hoax source.

Follow these steps to get started:
  • Verify who owns the website. Get access to all of the data that Search Console provides. Learn how to authenticate the ownership of your website.
  • Ascertain that Google can locate and read your pages. The Index coverage report shows you a list of all the pages on your website that Google has indexed or attempted to index. Examine the available list and attempt to correct any page errors or warnings.
  • Examine the mobile usability issues that Google discovered on your site. The Mobile Accessibility report highlights issues that may influence your consumers’ behavior while using a mobile device to browse your site.
  • Considering using Search Console to upload a sitemap. Without this step, Google will be able to find pages on your site. However, uploading a sitemap using Search Console may help your site be discovered faster. You’ll be able to track information linked to it if you submit it using the tool.
  • Keep an eye on how well your website is performing. The Search performance report displays the amount of traffic you receive from Google Search, with breakdowns by questions, webpages, and nations. You can view trends for views, clicks, and other data in each of those splits.

Once everything is done and set-up, you are good to go!

Google Search Console does not require separate log-in, every time you use it. You can be logged in once and for all. However, if Google does detect some changes or unlikely behavior in your site from an unauthorized source, then it will alert you via email.

Additionally, to ensure safety, do keep in mind to check your account once in every while and make sure that the data is secure and the processing is stable.

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How to Activate Google Search Console for Your Website?

It is a fairly simple procedure on how to activate Google Search Console on your website. It requires a couple of steps, only, as outlined below. However, before you can activate the same, you need to confirm that you have an account enabled on Search Console.

Once that is done, follow through the below mentioned steps –
  • Go over to your Google account and sign in. If it’s a company website, be sure you’re using your business (not personal) account.
  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools and fill out the form.
  • Select “Add a house” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “Website” from the drop-down menu and type in your website’s URL. Cross check that the URL is the exact same as the one displayed in your browser toolbar.
  • Proceed by clicking “Continue.”
  • Choose a method to prove you own your site (HTML file upload, domain name provider, HTML tag, GA tracking code, or GTM container snippet).

What data can you pull from the google search console?

Google search console analytics

The Landing Page dimension connects Search Console and Analytics data. This connection allows you to examine how pre-click data, such as searches and views, and post-click data, such as bounce rate and purchases, are related.

One element unique to Google Web Search data is included in the Search Console notes:
  • Google Search inquiries that resulted in impressions of your website URLs in Google organic search results are referred to as queries.

Fivemetrics related to Google Web Search data are used in the Search Console presentations in Analytics:

  • Views: The amount of times a URL from your site was displayed in a user’s search results, excluding paid Google Ads perceptions.
  • Hits: The number of times a Google Search results page has been used to click on your website URLs, excluding clicks on paid Google Ads search results.
  • Average Place: For the query or searches, the average ranking of your website URLs. For example, if your site’s URL was ranked third for one query and seventh for another, the overall average would be five ((3+7)/2).
  • CTR stands for click-through rate, which is determined by multiplying the number of clicks by the number of likes.
  • Pagespeed Insights :- You Can Check Your Site Speed in Mobile and Computer Both, Whcih are Essential factor to rank any Website.

Tips to grow your Website Traffic with Google Search Console:

If you have read through the article, then it is likely you already know your way around operating and using the Google search console for your benefit. You’re ready to go on to utilize Google Search Console data and gain more useful as well as sophisticated SEO insights for your website content.

It can be quiet a task to garner a following audience on your website. However, it is crucial for you to grow you site, and make it more interactive. It is the only way for you to ensure that your content is reaching a large number of audience. Don’t worry, because Google Search Console has got you covered, yet again.

Below, we have mentioned a few tricks and tips on how to grow the traffic on your website, using Google Search Console. Our responses elaborated on these suggestions below, as well as adding a few new ones.

  • When starting out, you can ask yourself and determine What are the most essential SEO metrics for you?
    • Don’t be sucked into the data quagmire.
    • Instead, try and extend your data beyond Search Console
    • Additionally, Keep tabs on the success of local keywords.
  • In order to ensure that your website gatherers more reach, you can also try and Look into the nations tab.
  • Investigate mobile vs. desktop traffic
    • Find out whether the majority of your audience are accessing your site via their phones or their PCs.
    • Based on the data, create content which are suitable.
    • Examine certain areas of your website in depth to avoid term obsolescence.
  • Look for subjects that are booming right now. Generating content on matters which are trending would only attract more audience on your site. Putting out relevant content makes your site appear higher on the google search results.
  • Examine how your data stacks up against that of a rival. Notice how your peer and rival sites are doing. Keep a track on the kind of content they are creating, and how they are doing so. If anything seems feasible, do not hesitate to borrow their methods and use them to create your own content.
  • Keep track of a new website’s SEO performance. It goes without mentioning that your content needs to be SEO-optimized for it to gather a larger reach, Keep a tab on sites, and examine the SEO performance of a new site that is capturing a lot of attention.
  • Share the information with your colleagues. Sharing to other people, and spreading word about your site is one organic way you can make your site flourish.
  • Keep in mind that Search Console data isn’t always 100% correct. Afterall, it is nothing but AI. Do keep in mind to manually examine the data from time to time, and make sure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Identify the Keywords That Will Help You Reach Your Goals. Once again, SEO-optimization is important. Isolate the long tail keywords which will help you reach a larger number of people. However, do keep in mind to not bombard your content with frequent use of keywords.
  • Create New Content Concepts. Innovation is the only thing that keeps you relevant. Unique content attracts a larger audience.
  • Examine the correlation between keyword forecasts and actual ranks.
  • Look for flaws with website coverage.
  • New URLs can be submitted for review.
  • Verify the settings for the canonical domain.
  • Change fields of mathematics and track the impact on CTR.
  • Keep an eye on terms with a high CTR.
  • Examine your lead-to-lead conversion rate.
  • Take a look at the most popular backlinks you have.
  • Examine the sitelinks
  • Look for chances to link internally.
  • Compare the results of your search.
  • To improve your top search engines rankings, look for internal linking opportunities.
  • Find out which pages are squandering your crawl budget.
  • Look for ways to boost your click-through rates.
  • Look for pages that might use some tweaking.
  • Determine which keywords to use in your paid search campaigns.
  • Changes in the Volumes of Branded and Non-Branded Searches
  • Understanding Negative Keywords Can Help You Lower Your Bounce Rate.
  • By adding structured data, give Google more info about your website.


That was a definitive and comprehensive guide on how to use Google Search Console, right from enabling it on your website, to using it in order to generate traffic. Are you already using the tool on your website? If not, then we recommend that you do so, right away.

Now that you know the fundamental functions GSC can perform, try exploring it yourself, and device data the way it works best for you.

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