Long Tail Keywords-How to Identify And Generate Them

Long tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is an expression that is usually made from three to five words. These keywords are more divergent than comprehensive terms, they help us to focus on slot demographics. These keywords are also less ruthless as compared to comprehensive keywords because they are formulated to review how people put up queries.

They are generally used when visitors are using a voice search or when they are close to a point of purchase. Using the long-tail keywords, you can enchant more traffic to your website and this leads to an increase in conversions. Looking For the best Social Media Marketing In Sriganganagar, Come Visit Provided Link.

During the customer purchase, long-tail keywords are an integral part of the evolving journey. Usually, users do search on the browser and as the search engine leads them to the final point, their queries become more comprehensive. This is the point where you can distinguish your domain from the competition because long-tail keywords become more necessary.

The majority of the search queries are done through long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have become an integral part while using voice search. People nowadays usually search their queries into Google using the same typical words as they do while conversing with their friends, which is the common language.

If your website uses long-tail keywords, then these users are driven into your website and your content appears to them more appealing and starts the process of buyer’s journey.

Long-tail keywords involving a few words make them even more distinctive. This indirectly means that both the domain owner and the users receive better outcomes. Domains get traffic that is more connected with their content and this improves the sales cycle of effectively bringing new customers. IF you are looking for the best Digital Marketing In Sriganganagar, Please Check Provided Link.

Customers also want to get the content with which they feel more connected, making them more satisfied. The long-tail keywords are more explicit which means that there is less competition for every keyword phrase. The specific domains can better mechanize the particular keywords they provide to users.

Example Of a Long Tail Keywords-

You would require to collect more relevant long-tail keywords according to the content written by your website. It is not SEO-healthy for you to dump the same types of keywords on every page of your website.

Like when you search for a short tail keyword like “Google Adwords” has over 5 billion results in google search. and if you want to rank #1 in Google for Google Adwords query, you need to outrank 5 billion other websites.

Google Adword searches

On the Other hand, the long tail version of Google Adwords, like “google adwords keyword tool”. Clearly seen the long tail keyword have less competition compare to the short tail.

google adwords keyword tool searches

Same For instance, if you are showing a ceiling fan on your website, then you can add the keyword “Request Demo”. Another example is if your website is giving admissions to students, then you can add the keyword “Get Updates”. One More Example of long tail is “Advanced Google Search Operators“. this is purely Long tail Keyword.

How To Identify Long Tail Keywords-

There are many options available using which you can identify long-tail keywords.

1) Google Suggest:

You can use Google Suggest to find out whether a particular phrase of words is a long tail keyword or not. You can get an idea about the long tail keyword just by starting typing in the Google Suggest as it will provide you options related to your searches.

Google Suggest Long Tail Keywords

2) Google related searches:

It is quite similar to what Google suggests but they appear at the bottom of the webpage in the form of related searches. You will get more recommendations here in the related searches.

Google related searches Long Tail Keywords

3) Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is the most enhanced site available on the internet. You can search any long-tail keyword in Wikipedia and it will show you the related result. You can also look at the table of contents provided by Wikipedia, search your content and this makes browsing easy. Moreover, you can also see the section available at the bottom of the page Wikipedia which can help you to find clusters of related terms.

Wikipedia Long Tail Keywords

4) Check on Q&A Websites:

Q&A websites are a very good source for providing long-tail keyword ideas. There are many Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, LinkedIn answers, etc. You can type your long-tail keyword on these sites and it would be answered by experts.

Q&A Websites Long Tail Keywords

5)Search on eHow:

eHow is a site specially designed for long-tail keyword research. This website uses optimized algorithms to search long-tail keywords with hyper-targeted content. You can opt for these websites for taking ideas for long-tail keywords.

6) Take the help of competitors:

Wikipedia has always been the competitor for instructive queries. But you should always keep a tab on what another domain is using as a keyword term. You can initiate with head and mid-tail terms that you are trying to search for and see how many variations of the same keyword are available on different pages. This improves the keyword quality as well as the content of your site.

Competitors Long Tail Keywords

7) Forums and Boards:

Forums always provide you with new keyword ideas. It is a site where you can see a thousand people answering questions about your site’s topic. Here you can find very informative new keywords used nowadays.

You can use Moz to identify long tail keywords as well.

Long Tail Keyword Generator-

There are many long-tail keyword generator tools available online-

1) SEMRush:

SEMRush is a research suite that helps you to look up what type of keywords are used by your competitors and reduce their ranking and find the latest keywords. You can also use SEMRush to identify the search queries regarding long-tail keywords. You just need to sign up for the account and start using SEMRush to get new keywords.


It is a free tool that helps you to find newly discovered keywords. It also shows the questions put up by people regarding long-tail keywords.

ANSWER THE PUBLIC Long Tail Keywords


Google keyword planner is used to find long-tail keywords even without initiating a Google ads campaign. You need to search for a keyword; you will get more suggestions related to that term and then you can filter it to find a contemporary keyword.


Keywords Everywhere is a generator tool that is available in the form of a browser extension for Chrome and Safari. It is available in both free and premium versions to the users. It shows you the compatible keyword whenever you make a Google search.


Google trends is not a long tail keyword generator. However, it can be used as a tool to find keyword suggestions based on the search made by people on Google.

GOOGLE TRENDS Long Tail Keywords


The long-tail keywords make the content of a site interesting to read and fascinates more visitors to your website. That is why the sites use these long-tail keywords to increase the number of users. This strategy of using long-tail keywords can help you to compete with other bloggers and most companies.

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