Top 5 Free Podcast Software for Recording And Editing

Podcast software is used to record the voice; modify and edit the sound and make you capable to carve up and intertwine your recording, produce intros and outros with music, affix background noise issues, and publish your podcast to a platform where people can find it for listening.

If you want to turn your listeners into consumers, then you will have to make sure that your podcast is professional and delightful to hear. For the sole purpose, you need fair and appropriate podcast software. IF you are looking for the best Digital Marketing In Sriganganagar, Please Check Provided Link.

There are numerous podcasting software available on the internet for different purposes like podcast recording software, podcast editing software podcasting software.

With these available software you can record podcasts and video interviews in studio quality from anywhere, edit your podcast from cutting tape, to mixing tracks, to compressing audio.


You can also merge your favorite plugins and eventually turn your recording into the podcast you have visualized. There are also some free podcast recording software available on the internet.

List of the best podcast software which can make your podcast more appealing and polished.-

 1) AUDACITY Podcast Software:

Audacity is an open-source audio software which is free of cost and easily available. AUDACITY is a cross platform software which can run on Microsoft, Mac, etc. It is a user-friendly software. also it can multi-track editor and recorder for many operating systems. This is a popular free podcast software.

AUDACITY Podcast Software
It has special features like

•You can record live audio or digitize recordings from other media.

• Import, modify and merge sound files.

•Convert your records into digital recordings or Compact Discs (CDs).

•Edit any type of sound file like MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, etc.

•AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC), WMA, Opus, and other formats supported using optional libraries.

•You can cut, copy, or combine sounds together.

•It has various effects including alteration of speed, pitch, or tempo of a recording.

•You can write your plug-in effects with Nyquist.

•You can export your recordings to different file formats, and multiple files at once.

•It can support 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit sound quality.

The sample rates and formats in this podcast software can be converted using high-quality resampling and dithering. It offers ease with editing like you can simply cut, copy, paste, and delete your audio file. 

It offers unlimited undo and redo options in the session any number of times. You can manipulate your tracks and files using the keyboard. It offers a spectrogram view mode for opting frequencies.


Auphonic is a very popular forecasting software due to its affordability. It is an open-source application that can be used for podcasting, editing, merging your files. also it can polishes your audio files and increases the quality of your podcast. Run on both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is a user-friendly software. Looking For the best Social Media Marketing In Sriganganagar, Come Visit Provided Link.

AUPHONIC Podcast Software
•Intelligent Leveller-

It aligns between speakers, music, and speech. You do not need any compressor knowledge

•Loudness Equalizer-

It can relay standards (EBU R128, Mobile), also including a true peak limiter and more

•Audio Fixing-

It has mechanized noise reduction, refines of unwanted low frequencies

•Track Algorithms-

It features mechanized noise gate and cross talk removal

•Speech Recognition –

It has mechanized speech recognition with an editor in over 80 languages and Transcript Editor

•Prototypical Encoding and Chapter Marks-

It can encode MP3, Opus, MP4, etc files.

•Video Progress and Audiograms-

It has audiogram waveform videos. It also has video input/output support

•Deployment of Content-

It can locate content available on Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Google Drive, and Cloud Storage, WebDAV, (S)FTP, HTTP,  Spreaker, Libsyn, and many other platforms.

3) ADOBE AUDITION Podcast Software:

Using this audio editing podcasting software you can create, mix, edit, record, and design sound effects. ADOBE AUDITION has a complete toolset that includes multitrack, and spectral display for recording, merging, editing, and restoring audio files.

ADOBE AUDITION Podcast Software

ADOBE AUDITION gives users flexibility and control over their projects. This is an appropriate podcasting software for professional podcasters. It is compatible with Mac and Windows and subscription-based software.

Some special features are-

•You can record, edit and integrate music files.

•You can use the sound panel to attain professional-quality audio, even if you are a normal user.

• Easily and intuitively rearrange any particular audio to fit any duration with Remix

• Easily memorise the simple steps to record, merge and export audio file for a podcast

• Repair and restore audio files by spectral frequency display, Diagnostics panel effects

 Its Audition Toolkit helps us to record audio, edit existing audio files, trim audio files, add filters, convert files in different formats, remove noise and edit the files.


Hindenburg Journalist is an audio editor which is created for podcasters, audio generators, and radio journalists. It is a cross-platform podcasting software. and non-destructive software that does not modify original audio files.


Also can track record the uncompressed sound and impulsively gives you the finest audio quality. You can simply plug in your microphone and start recording.

It can alter mistakes in your audio track which can be fixed on the spot. It has all the editing tools and there is no need to switch between different tools or modes. You can carve, clone, paste, change, insert any audio file. Some other tools in the software give you whole control of your story.

You can also make even the difficult edits pleasing and finished using this software. You can enter any audio file into this podcasting software and begin operation. It uses the recent loudness standards for mounting levels. Thus, you can simply correct levels and it saves a lot of time.

The features it offers are :-

• You can track record audio & interview

•You can attach sound & music

• You can manage the material

• You can alter and edit the audio

5) LOGIC PRO Podcast Software:

Logic Pro X is the best podcast software for all Mac users who want to create professional podcasts. Using this software, you can make and improvise files in an advanced way with live loops. It can control music-making sessions, live loops.

LOGIC PRO Podcast Software
Some special features of this podcasting software are:
•Live Loops-

You can create Live Loops using your iPad, iPhone with Logic Remote. It transforms sounds into instruments with Sampler and a Quick sampler.

•Step Sequencer-

It can deliberately construct drum beats and melodic patterns with the help of Step Sequencer. Using the Step Sequence editor, you can rapidly make drum beats, bass lines, and tuneful parts — and even mechanize your favourite plug-ins.

•Remix FX-

It can introduce DJ-style effects and changes to an individual track or the entire record with a collection of stutters, filters, and gating effects.

•Merge and Play-

 You can use numerous onscreen musical instruments, such as guitars, drum pads, keyboards, to play any software instrument in this software.

•Flex Pitch-

You can alter the pitch and level of separate notes rapidly and simply with Flex Pitch. You can turnover any note and all specifications which are available for twisting.

•Track options-

 You can produce alternate versions of a track or multiple tracks, and handle auditioning different options. and produce, save, and select from different edits and arrangements of track regions to make it easy to analyse with many inventive ideas.

It can combine multiple tracks into a single track. and use a Summing Stack to make sub-mixes or generate layered and cut instruments rapidly.

By this simply make changes to any channel strip or plug-in specification. You Just need to permit automation, select Play, and make changes.


You can start your own podcast. As many podcasting softwares are available nowadays to polish your podcasting skill. With dedicated efforts, you can become a professional in this field and grow your business with google maps marketing As well.

You get karma on Reddit when people upvote your posts and comments, and you lose it when you get downvoted.

Most of the podcast software programs are compatible with windows, while some are irreconcilable. First of all, you have to figure out whether a particular podcasting software is compatible with your operating system, then accordingly you can download an appropriate podcasting software.

We also need to find out whether a particular podcast software is free of cost or subscription basis. With this article, we tried to show you some of the top podcasting software available these days.

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