Top 55+ social media sites And Apps list [Updated 2021]

Undoubtedly, the hype of social media is at a peak at the moment. According to online business analysts, the use of social media will increase more and more.

What are Social Networking Sites List?

A social networking site is that where you can connect with people virtually. The first purpose of social media was to make people connect to everybody in their busy life schedule. In recent years especially when the pandemic started, the benefits of social media had been realized by all. Looking For the best Digital Marketing In Sriganganagar, Come Visit Provided Link.

However, do you know you can use this opportunity to make your business grow? Whether it is online or offline business, social media sites can help you. Let’s see.

How Can Social Media Sites List Help You?

The enthusiastic people who are passionate about increasing their business to the next level must choose Social Media Platforms. There are several reasons. Like-

  • Most social media platforms are having more than a billion users. And it is allowing connecting with unknown overseas people too. You can make a good set of followers. It will be a great opportunity to share your business and services.
  • Another plus point is offering the paid ad campaigns. Popular Social Networking Apps are using advanced cookies nowadays. That means, it will show you the products or services, you are interested in. You can use this opportunity to get the targeted audience.

The benefits of social media platforms are uncountable. But these two are the most precious to any newcomers or veteran businessman who is planning to grow more.

What are The Top Social Media apps Platforms?

Every day a new social media platform is being released. All of these are giving high competition to each other. However, which are getting top visitors and users, are winning at the end. Such Top Social Media Apps are there.

  • 1. Facebook : This is most widely used And Largest social networking site in the world.And Facebook have roughly 2.85 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2021.Apart from Network with friends you can use different Facebook apps to promote your business by using paid facebook ads as well. Some Businesses can also use Facebook Messenger to grow their business via Facebook. IF you are looking for the best Social Media Marketing In Sriganganagar, Please Check Provided Link.
  • 2. Twitter : The social Networking Site which are generally use for short text messages(called tweets) are Twitter. its launched in 2006 and Now it has increased the character limit, users now can share photos and media as well. Twitter has 320 million approximately active users per month. it is very useful site for interaction, can responding to customers who have customer service questions.
  • 3. Reddit : Reddit is Social News Website with more sub-communities.It has been launched in 2005 and monthly active user base of 430 million. In this site a registered user can submit content and comment on threads. There Are Lot More active, targeted communities for the sites looking for target based audience. There are karma in reddit for each profile or post, which are Important in Reddit. Here you can learn how to get karma on reddit.
  • 4. Instagram : Instagram was launched as a unique social networking platform with a heavy emphasis on visuals. it was launched in 2010 and later purchased by Facebook. It has Number of active 400 million approximately Active user per month. Instagram also offers Target Advertisement options to help business to grow their business.

Also Check the best article submission sites

  • 5. Tumblr : Tumblr is a Social media and micro blogging platform that can be used for reading blogs and to find or follow the things you like.The Active Number of user per month in Tumblr are 500 million approximately. It originally launched in 2007 and now owned by Automatic. Tumblr also offers sponsored posts, Where you can include your links in posts.
  • 6. Quora : Quora is best question and answer Platform, its objective is to share and grow knowledge globally. The Traffic Which we Find in Quora are highly Authoritative. So its a best Social media Platform to increase brand visibility.
  • 7. YouTube : It is the best video sharing site and its called the second most popular search engine behind Google as well. YouTube was founded in 2005 and was bought by Google. It has over 2 billion Active visitors/users per month. Any Business Looking for video Marketing, its First Choice will be YouTube for sure. The site also provides analytics and you can embed videos in other websites as well. You Can Also Check how to start a podcast on spotify.
top social media sites list
  • 8. WhatsApp : It is a Popular messaging app.Launched in 2010 But Then acquired by Facebook in 2014. WhatsApp now has more than 2 billion monthly active users. Any one can send images, texts, documents, audio, and video content to another user individually or in groups Via Whatsapp.They Started WhatsApp call feature as well.
  • 9. LinkedIn : It is the best Social Media app for professional networking. LinkedIn Have 300 million active users each month. It was Launched in 2003, they allows user to add their resumes, connect with others in their industry, and even post and respond to job listings. It is best for B2B businesses.
  • 10. Snapchat : It is a mobile messaging social media platform.It was Released in 2011 and it have more young Audience. There are still about 360 million monthly users worldwide using this social media channel. Brand that want to target the young audience will target this platform in their marketing strategy.

All of these platforms have different characteristics. To keep up with your businesses, you need to handle these platforms properly. Let’s see how to use this Social Media Apps List efficiently.

Here are some of the other social media sites list :

How to Use Social Media for Growing Business?

There is something you must know about social media. As mentioned, the purpose of social media is to connect people. There are some countries where people are suffering from loneliness, due to which the concept of social media has come.

However, the prime motive was not to promote any business or marketing. Even some applications still opposing marketing through social media applications. Nowadays, all Best Social Media Apps are promoting both paid and free marketing but still, you need to maintain some protocols.

  • If you are promoting any affiliate link for your business purposes, it will be prohibited. No social media is promoting affiliate marketing or direct link insertion. However, you can do one thing. You can use a landing page to redirect your reader or viewer to a separate page other than social media. There you can insert your affiliate link with the details.
  • Share values to customers ( your readers and followers). You can share crucial information through your posts. The more you put Values through your posts, the more trust will be generated from their side. As soon as they’ll start your content, your progression will start.
  • Last but not the least, always post content according to platforms. Like if you’ll share picture-based content on Reddit, it won’t be going to work. Reddit is a community of writers who love to write and share knowledge. The exact opposite thing will go for Pinterest, Instagram, and other picture-based platforms.

If you can keep up with these, within few weeks, you’ll see positive results for sure.

How to Start As a Beginner?

If you are a beginner, start following the groups and pages regarding your field. It’s time for you to understand how to proceed. You’ll learn it by observing others.

After gathering information and knowledge, it’s time for you to implement. Start with groups. Share your product values or knowledge of service. Let the people know you are master on it. Give your website link there. Gradually, you can pull huge traffic on your site.

Final Words

According to analysts, the demand for social media platforms will increase more and more. So, without wasting a single moment, bring your business to global platforms.

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